Finally, a wishlist that works!

Say goodbye to note apps. Wishgum makes it easy to create a wishlist, and get the exact gifts you want.

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Better than your note app

(How it works)

step 1


Create your wishlist

Add items from different online stores to your wishlist. With our custom gift cards, you can add creative wishes such as massage, coffee, hairdo, udemy course etc.

step 2


Add your details

Add your profile details. Your address and phone number is needed so that physical gifts can be delivered to you. This information is never seen by your wellwisher.

step 3


Add your wish link to your Instagram, Twitter, Linktree etc

Share your wish link with your fans and wellwishers. When a fan purchases an item off your wishlist, it will be delivered to you. For custom gift cards, the money is sent to you to purchase the wish item/experience.

A wishlist that actually works

Make it easy for anyone to send you gifts.

No more excuses, your friends and fans know your birthdays, and your wishes.

More thoughful gifts and messages than ever before.